PEIR Exposure Incident online directions

Use the following directions to fill out the Exposure Incident Form to notify WSIB that you may have been exposed to illness/hazard. This documents the incident so that, if later, you end up contracting an illness that requires support beyond what our Leaves or government/board provides you have a connection of cause from the workplace. This may become especially important as a percentage of COVID cases become a ‘long haul’ issue.


Go to


We’re here to help: Report an injury or exposure

>Who experienced: Me


>I want to report: an exposure incident


> Have you filled out an incident form: No


Fill out and save one of the following forms:

>Exposure incident (all industries) pdf

>Download and fill out the PDF

>Then click “I have filled out the form…”

>”Upload form”


It will take you to the WSIB log in page. Create a profile or log into your profile.


Add claimant information

>Fill in your personal information

>Confirm that you have not been given a claim number (unless you have (unlikely))


Upload Report

>Upload your filled in pdf


> Uploading supporting document: (unlikely to have any)



*Note: This is not a WSIB claim. An Exposure Incident Report is kept on file by WSIB in case of an illness developing. It does not go to the employer. This Exposure Incident Report is commonly used for Asbestos exposure which, as we know, in the future, could lead to illness. A report can establish a connection to a future injury/illness as being caused by a work related exposure incident that compensation benefits are .