LTO Evaluation info

When an OT is going to be in an LTO of 4 months or greater, they will have an LTO Evaluation if they have not had a satisfactory one before.

LTO Evaluation Form

Every OCEOTA member, who is in a 4 month LTO and who does not have a satisfactory LTO evaluation on their file, will be evaluated under the LTO evaluation format.

  • The LTO evaluation is required for members in LTO assignments that last longer than 4 months, unless you have already had a satisfactory LTO evaluation. If for some reason the evaluation does not take place, the lack of an evaluation does not hurt you. Only an unsuccessful evaluation hurts you. If you have an unsatisfactory LTO evaluation, you would not be considered for permanent assignments until you have had a satisfactory evaluation, in a subsequent 4 month LTO assignment.
  • Retired teachers, who had a Teacher Performance Appraisal in their last year as a contract teacher, are asking if that eliminates the need for them to have an LTO evaluation. The answer is, “No”…. please re-read the sentence printed in bold at the start of the answer.
  • It is the union position that any 4 month LTO in your history with the OCDSB counts, even if that was before you were on the LTO List. If you had a 4 month LTO 3 years ago and then get on the LTO List after that, you would, at that point, be approved for permanent positions. That approval would remain in place unless you had an unsuccessful LTO evaluation. Until such time as you have your evaluation, you remain eligible.

PowerPoint Presentation re LTO Evaluation

Contact the Local Office with questions. We advise every member to apply for jobs, for which they have the academic qualifications, regardless of your status with the Board.