OCEOTA members can be associated with three (3) insurance companies.

  1. ELHT: ETFO Employee Life & Health Trust (OTIP)
  2. AIL: American Income Life Insurance Company Canada
  3. OTIP: Ontario Teachers’ Insurance Plan

1. ETFO Employee Life & Health Trust

Questions?  Please call OTIP at 1-866-783-6847


ETFO ELHT Benefits

Below is the Benefits Booklet for eligible LTOs.

LTO Benefits Booklet 

2. AIL    

All members have an accidental death and dismemberment insurance benefit with AIL in the amount of $4000.00, unless you choose to pay to have it increased. AIL does not have your contact information unless you return the beneficiary card, naming a beneficiary. Some members do this so that the benefit would be paid straight to the beneficiary instead of to the estate where it would be subject to probate. If you decide to send AIL the beneficiary card, they will use the info on that card to contact you and ask if you would like to hear about additional coverage they could sell you. You are under no obligation to meet or if you do meet, you are under no obligation to make a purchase.

3. OTIP 

Contemplating car and/or home insurance renewal? Call OTIP for a quote. Their prices are competitive and, as a non-profit insurance company owned by teachers, often lower than competitors. There is no obligation to accept anything when asking for a quote. Please tell the agent that you are an OCEOTA member. There is contact information on the home page of our website.