OCEOTA members can be insured for benefits in different ways.

  1. ELHT: ETFO Employee Life & Health Trust manages the OTIP: Ontario Teachers’ Insurance Plan benefits (for LTOs)
  2. Private health insurance through another provider (anyone)
  3. Through spouse/partner coverage (anyone)

1. ETFO Employee Life & Health Trust

If your LTO is anticipated to last over 60 working days then coverage/registration details will be sent by OTIP, and you are covered from Day 1 of the LTO. If the LTO isn’t expected to last that long, but does go for 60 working days, then you will retroactively be covered to the beginning and registered at that time. LTOs (over 60 days in length) will receive costs covered for benefit plan enrollment aligned with the percentage of the LTO. e.g. 100% LTO= 0% co-pay cost to member, 80% LTO= 20% co-pay cost to member, 61% LTO= 39% co-pay cost for member.

Questions?  Please call OTIP at 1-866-783-6847


ETFO ELHT Benefits

LTO Benefits Booklet 

2. Casual OTs have an OTIP plan option (independent program) 

Call OTIP for a quote. Their prices are competitive and, as a non-profit insurance company owned by teachers, often lower than competitors. There is no obligation to accept anything when asking for a quote. Please tell the agent that you are an OCEOTA member. There is contact information on the home page of our website.

3. Independent coverage from spouse/partner that works in tandem with existing coverages above.