*Updated* OCDSB Spring Staffing Pool


  • All English permanent contract postings are still open to all applicants which match the qualifications- they will go through the application, screenings, interview process.
  • LTOs for English Special Education positions will continue to be posted individually- they will also go through the application, screenings, interview process.
  • Pool process will be used to fill LTOs in June. ** Note The English LTO Pool is slightly different than the French Pool process; FSL also awards permanent contracts. 
  • Friday before August Long Weekend the remaining LTOs will be again posted and open for all applicants.
  • Unsuccessful pool candidates will be eligible for a debrief post-interview. Consider your options when making applications and accepting positions. Be informed!


April 2nd  Posting closes for 2024-25 English LTO Pool
April 8-12 Screening via InterviewStream platform
April 15-May 31 Principal and Vice Principal interview assessments
June 1st Deadline to complete twenty (20) assignments to remain on the OT list. 2024
June 4- June 6 Occasional French Teacher Placement Process
June 12th Contract Vacancy List 2B posted (open to all) at noon, closes June 16th, Interviews
June 12th Posted: Spec. Ed LTO assignments are posted on Apply to Education until June 16th
June 17-19 Interviews, and offers commence June 20 at 9am
June 24-26 Vacancy List shared with pool participants
June 27, 2024 Last day of school
July 2-5 Placement Process for English Pool participants
August 2nd Posting of unfilled Vacancies in Apply to Education
August 2-9 Vacancy List shared with pool participants
August 12-16

Placement Process of remaining pool participants

Revised 2024-25 LTO Staffing Rules

2024-25 LTO Staffing Rules (Revised Apr 10_24)

Agreement with the Process

Our feedback as a Union was to support this process as it benefits our members by not having to submit dozens of covers/resumes/answers to each job postings, nor face the uncertainty of getting an interview, the scheduling/completion of interviews for each different job, and the decision to accept one position while awaiting results of other interviews. The reorganization that happened this past Fall devastatingly affected over 70 OTs in 1.0 FTE LTOs. This pool process also tries to smooth out the miscalculations of providing too many contracts and having redundant contract teachers bumping OTs from those 70 LTOs.

Hiring Criteria

The Board sets the criteria for who they wish to hire. The listed criteria is seeking to ensure the candidates have OCDSB experience in a successful LTO which includes a reporting period.  Being uncertain of the volume of applicants, as this is a pilot program, the criteria has been tweaked slightly to 3 months but is still weighted on the prexperience within our Board, which is fair.

FAQs from the Board

Elementary EN LTO Pool FAQs (1)

Memo from the Board

LTO Pool Staffing Criteria change memo

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