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ETFO Professional Learning resources for the Early Years


OCDSB Index of Scope & Sequence Grades K-8

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Ontario Teachers’ Federation PD Calendar


Animating the Revised ELEMENTARY Science & Technology Curriculum

2022-23 Elementary Science & Technology Curriculum Resources

The revised curriculum describes the knowledge and skills that students are expected to learn. It is organized in five areas with STEM skills and connections being taught and assessed throughout all areas of learning. Fundamental science and technology concepts and skills connected to real life are to prepare students for success now and in the future. Throughout the grades and areas of learning, students learn to apply their understanding with increasing sophistication.

Video overview Science and Technology       KEY CHANGES TO CURRICULUM (Gr.1-8 Chart)

ETFO Environmental Resources

The resources examine environmental issues and include information, materials, and links to organizations working to protect the environment. The following links provide information that members can use to address environmental issues:

 Access to OCDSB Training Modules 

Deepening our Understanding of the Relationship between Well-Being and Racism

Bullying Prevention & Intervention         Google slideshow

Assessment and Evaluation (In person)


Four webcasts have been uploaded to the ETFO website with three accompanying lesson plans for each. The topics of the webcasts include: 


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