Supports for teaching students with Special Education Needs

Guide for Students with Special Education Needs

This LSS Guide for Students with Special Education Needs website has been designed to provide educators and administrators with comprehensive information about supports for students with special education needs in the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board. It ensures educators have the essential information, tools and resources to provide personalized and precise support. Educators will be able to use the resource to guide professional learning as they build capacity in meeting the needs of all students (i.e. what is necessary for some is beneficial for many). The intention of this website is to create one place for staff to come for this information. Over the coming year, more information and resources will be added to the website. So, continue to check back periodically.

The resources provided within this website are built on the foundational principles of Inclusive Design which is a model that weaves together the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), Differentiated Instructions (DI), and Culturally Responsive and Relevant Pedagogy (CRRP). The model is organized into six different threads. The threads include:

  • Designing instruction – How does learning reflect the knowledge, skills, talents, social identities and lived experiences of the students we serve?

  • Engaging parents, families, elders and communities – Do classrooms include and value the voices and experiences of parents, families, elders and community members?

  • Establishing the environment as the third teacher – What does the learning environment say about students and their learning? How does the environment enhance student learning? Are students involved in co-creating the physical space and norms of the learning environment?

  • Analyzing data – Does data collection accurately reflect student learning and guide instruction?

  • Building leadership and capacity – What are the roles of staff members? Do staff use their identities, talents and experiences to enrich student learning?

  • Engaging and responding to student voice and agency – Who are the students? How do we incorporate their interests, talents and experiences into the learning?

Autism Support in OCDSB

The OCDSB Autism Spectrum Disorder online resource guide for Educators is a site where you will find information and training opportunities on a variety of topics aimed to guide Educators as they support students on the Spectrum. Classroom considerations, program planning, instructional strategies, inclusion in your classroom, OCDSB supports, and more.

Beyond the website there is access to “Exploring Autism” online training modules which you can access using your board login.

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