2019-20 to 2021-22 LTO Salary Grid

OT Pay Periods 2021-22    LTO pay grid 2019-2022

The salary grid is based on 2019-21 school years, the latest grid negotiated between OC ETFO and OPSBA. LTO salaries are the same amount as contract teacher salaries but are calculated in a different manner.

On your pay stub, the salary will appear different than the total on the grid. However, when vacation and holiday pay are added (~8%), the total is exactly the same. Vacation and holiday pay are calculated as an annual percentage and 1/194 is added to your daily LTO rate.

Remember, LTOs are paid a daily rate of 1/194th of their salary. LTOs do not have their pay projected over a 12 month period like contract teachers.

When you are in an LTO during a reduced pay period, you will be paid 1/194th for each of the number of days worked [1/194th X 9; if pay period falls around Thanksgiving and 1/194th x 5; if pay period includes the week of Spring Break]. You receive your pay every 2 weeks, but 2 weeks in arrears (see above link for pay period dates).