Who We Are

Ottawa Carleton Elementary Occasional Teachers’ Association (OCEOTA) is a local of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) representing more than 1800 certified occasional teachers who work for the Ottawa Carleton District School Board. It is OCEOTA’s mandate to bargain, as outlined in the Labour Relations Act, and negotiate the best possible Collective Agreement for our members and to ensure that our employer and its administrators, adhere to the articles as outlined in that Collective Agreement.

We maintains a local union office at 150-1150 Morrison Drive in Ottawa. The office is normally open from 8:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m. and is staffed by the President, 1st VP and our office assistant. Individual members may make an appointment at any time to meet with me to discuss workplace issues or ask questions about OCEOTA business. In addition, the OCEOTA provides professional learning workshops, opportunities for member input through Focus Groups, orientation for new members, counseling for members, dispute resolution, and other services as needed. We liaise with other locals, ETFO, and the Ottawa District Labour Council.

Our elected executive meets once a month to receive reports, plan upcoming events, make executive decisions and to give direction to the President. Our Executive page names the individuals currently:

  1. a 1st Vice-President
  2. a 2nd Vice-President
  3. and five Members-at-Large

Every member who wishes to be involved can volunteer to join the Professional Learning Committee, the Status of Women Committee, the Social Justice & Equity Committee, the Political Action Committee or the Social Committee. From time to time, volunteers are needed to serve on task forces, focus groups and short-term projects.  Every Member can keep themselves informed by reading the President’s Updates Members should know their Collective Agreement and their Constitution, both of which can be found on this site. Members are expected to attend all General Meetings to vote on important issues and give direction to the Executive.

Members should call the OCEOTA office if they are asked to do anything that appears to be in violation of our rights as outlined in the Collective Agreement. If a meeting with a principal turns to performance issues, discipline or termination, end the meeting calmly and firmly. Tell the principal that you are ending the meeting and will arrange to continue the meeting after speaking with the Federation. Do not represent yourself if there is an allegation of misconduct. Make no statement to CAS, Police, or the College of Teachers except to say that you will be pleased to speak with them as soon as you have Federation advice and support.

This is your office, please access our programs and support without hesitation.


Jamieson Dyer