Central wage Arbitration details

Arbitration effects in OCEOTA

The recent Central Arbitration decision for the 2022-26 contract has awarded OTs with a raise unlike others in the past. The 2022-23 school year will have a 3% increase. The 2023-24 year will also have a 3% increase. This applies to all work completed by OTs during this time (and currently) for LTOs, Dally and DOTs for those school years.

In 2024-25 LTOs and Teacher rates will increase an additional 2.75% but our Daily rate will increase a different way and affect Daily OTs and DOTs as of Sept 1, 2024. All ETFO locals with daily OT rates lower than the calculated Baseline Average Rate will increase to the new average rate plus receive the 2.75% increase awarded for the 2024-25 school year.

The Baseline Average Rate is calculated by the average of all OT Daily rates across the province. This exact figure is still being agreed upon by ETFO and the Ministry. But as the lowest paid OT Local in the province we will benefit the greatest from this decision. When the amount is determined we will be better able to give yo uan idea of the raise.


2022-26 Arbitration release

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