1/2 day Minimum FAQs

What is the 1/2 day minimum pilot program?

Starting in September 2022 assignments through Easy Connect and/or The Job Board will be made available as per usual, however assignments of a less than 50% FTE will be (expanded to be) posted as a half a day (according to school bell times). So the minimum assignment that can be taken with the Board will be 50% FTE.

So what do I work?

OTs accepting a position are expected to be available for and work the entire 50% assignment. Pay attention to the start-end times and the assignment details to determine the hours expected to be worked. Absent teachers are asked to indicate their absent teaching hours within the assignment details section of the absence, so you may differentiate what are true teaching hours vs additional professional duties.

How do the Additional Professional Duties outside of the true absence times work?

School administration will assign professional teacher duties for any part of the assignment that is over and above what is required to replace the absent teacher. It is the OT that must contact the office before or after the true absence to be reassigned professional teacher duties. OTs are not to leave or be sent home until the 50% assignment length (that’s 150 mins of class time) has been completed.

What are Additional Professional Teacher Duties?

As an Occasional Teacher we are not assigned EA, ECE or clerical roles or the duty for present employees. Professional teacher duties may include a duty adjacent to or within the absent position, or as a result of an unfilled absence, the repayment of preparation time to other teachers, support to another class or group of students. We could support as an LST/LRT small group work in/out of a classroom or a particular student academically, not behaviourally.

What if Admin says we aren’t needed beyond the true absence?

Confirm with school administration that the pilot program requires OTs to be paid the 50% FTE for the day. Remind them of available professional teacher duties (as listed above) and the expectation that you have your 50% day assignment fulfilled.

What if I am in a partial LTO/Contract and can’t fit in a 50% FTE?

There may be situations whereby assignments can be posted in less than 0.50 increments, for example to allow a part time LTO or (contract) teacher, whose FTE status is greater than 0.50 but less than 1.0, to accept partial assignments.

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