1. Q: How do I find out about Call Out Rules or change my schools list?

A:  Please go to www.ate.ca and select Help and Training in the menu bar to understand the Call Out rules.

You can change your elective schools online through your ATE profile. After logging into ATE, find the EasyConnect heading and in the dropdown -> Occasional Preferences -> OCDSB edit preferences -> scroll to the bottom and assess if under your control of the Board. Some of the schools listed are greyed out. Those must be adjusted through the Board. Their email address is otlistelementary@ocdsb.ca, you shouldn’t have to provide any extensive explanation of rational.


  1. Q: What is the Order of Call?

A: The system calls people on the approved school list in order of qualifications, starting with the person who has had the fewest calls in the last month. Missed calls, refused assignments, etc. all count as a call. If no one on the approved list for that school accepts the job, then the system calls the people who selected that school as one of their 10 preferred list schools. If no member accepts the job on any of those calls, it will sit on the job board, till accepted and may remain unfilled. Check the job board after 8:00 pm, if you don’t have work for the next day.


  1. Q: What are the call times?

A:  French calls begin at 4:30 pm, English at 5:00 pm and calls stop at 9:30 pm. They recommence in the morning at 6:00 am.


  1. Q: When do we call the ATE Help Line?

A: Whenever you have a concern or question about the way the system is functioning mechanically or you are unable to input date, access the Help and Training module on ATE. There is a wide range of topic assistance. There is also a “still need help” component. If you require additional help, call 1-877-900-5627, Mon – Fri, 7:30 am to 7:00 pm.


  1. Q: How do I report lost work because of an EasyConnect glitch or because the order of call was not respected and can I get paid for lost work?

A: Call the OCEOTA office at 613-221-9135 and ask to speak to Pat Dixon or email pat.dixon @ocdsb.ca.


  1. Q: Last night I accepted a job offer through EasyConnect and the response was that the job was no longer available. How can this be?

A: One of the features of the Call Out System is the ability for OTs who were called prior to the last call to go into their archives, call ATE, and accept the position if it is still not filled. This may happen while you are being offered the assignment and the result is that the job is accepted before your call is completed and you miss the job.


Jobs should not be on the job board until 8:00 pm the night before the assignment. If you are getting a call after 8:00 pm for a job the next day, then someone could also be looking on the job board and take the job while you are listening to the phone call.  We have raised objections but have no power to make the changes we want unless it is in bargaining and unless the members like you are there to support bargaining. Then we can get a lot of improvements. This problem would be eliminated, if the job board didn’t open until after calls stop at 9:00 pm. or if calls took priority over the job board.



However I do not know if that happened to you because you have not included any factual detail in your email. When exactly was the call? What was the job #? Perhaps the P didn’t follow the rules and put the job to the job board immediately instead of letting the system put it to the job board after 8:00 pm.


We should follow up on this and if you lost work because the P did something incorrectly, we need to educate that P, or perhaps have the P’s behaviour addressed and/or get you compensation for lost pay. If we stay silent, this will not be corrected and the problem will increase. If we raise the matter and don’t find anything wrong, our questions serve to remind all Ps that we are vigilant and will address any kind of misuse of the system that affects the wellbeing of OCEOTA members.


Please contact Vice President Jamieson Dyer so we can get to the bottom of this. If members don’t report, we will tell the HR department that everything is going smoothly at our next meeting and then Ps will start to ignore all of the rules. Please encourage all members to report so HR and OCEOTA can police the system together.


  1. Q: I saw a job at one of my schools on the job board before 8:00 pm the night before the assignment. How can this be? Should that job not go to one of the first call people first?

A: Yes it should. If the job is visible prior to 8:00 pm, the P has done a manual over-ride of the system which is in contravention, in OCEOTA’s opinion, of the agreed upon guidelines. Please report the matter to Jamieson Dyer with the job number, date, and time you saw the posting.


  1. Q: What types of EasyConnect Issues should we report to the Union?

A: Report the following issues to Jamieson Dyer via email or phone call:

  • Manual fills which are not for continuing assignments;
  • Preferential treatment of a particular OT in a school;
  • Continuing assignments which have a different OT each day;
  • Jobs posted to the Job Board prior to the day before; and
  • Incorrect times or percentages for jobs;