Resume/Interview Workshop Slideshow

Thank you to Presenters: Tosha Urbach, Principal; Jennifer Jones-Kosmack, HR Advisor; Dianne Robertson, Team Manager, Elementary Staffing Division for an informative learning session on resume writing and interview skills as List 2B (contracts open to externals) was posted.
The slideshow from the presentation is linked here (access only via OCDSB login)
Some Facts & Answers from the presentation:
  • Interview times are not during school hours
  • Prepare for interviews being in-person or virtual
  • OCT qualifications of a job posting are mandatory
  • All qualified applications are sent to the Principal, then a rubric is used to assess the resumes and select applicants for interviews
  • Ensure positive references are informed of applications/interviews
  • Accommodations need to be expressed when the interview is offered
  • Debriefs can be arranged to discuss growth areas

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