Resume/Interview Workshop

Together OCEOTA and the OCDSB will be presenting a workshop on resume writing and interview skills that will assist you in your preparations for upcoming recruitment competitions for 2023-24 vacancies.
Please re-register for the revised date of June 6th with the new link to the registration form for the event.
This event will be very timely for the OCDSB application/interview process. This timing is as List 2B (contracts open to externals) will be posted on June 5th and before all 2023-24 LTOs will be posted on June 19th. 
Workshop Details:
Date:  June 6th 2023
Time: 4:00-5:00pm
Format: Google Meet
Presenters: Tosha Urbach, Principal
                     Jennifer Jones-Kosmack, HR Advisor
                     Dianne Robertson, Team Manager, Elementary Staffing Division

Please register here for the session (deadline June 2nd).

 Questions can be shared in advance with the presenters via the registration form.

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