Lost Prep-time in 2021-22

OCEOTA is investigating the amount of preparation time that was taken, and not re-paid, from OTs during the 2021-2022 school year. If we have enough responses we may seek compensation for those affected. We will be compiling these records and will update all members if it progresses.

We will proceed with the assumption that each Member has documentation, from the time, to prove their regular teaching schedule was changed and your preparation time was removed. Please keep evidence of documents, texts, screenshots and emails that directed the loss of prep-time by Administrators.

We ask OTs (in Daily assignments, DOTs, and LTOs) to list the days when you have been told by the P/VP that you will be losing your prep in order to cover another classroom. Please spread the word to other OTs.

Each OT role has different qualifying conditions


Remember, DOTs scheduled in for multiple teachers per day are not required to be “provided” a prep. However, preparation time that was taken during days when you were assigned one classroom for the day is a lost prep. If this happened to you please list them on the DOTs form below.

DOTS – https://forms.gle/vVaR7hnyP89jp65p8


Although LTOs can have preparation time taken in emergencies, that must have been repaid during the LTO (ie outstanding/owed prep-time). If you had/have owed prep-time at the end of your LTO we expected that you 1) tracked the dates/periods 2) you were in communication with your P/VP about the need to have your missed preparation time paid-back. If you still have lost/outstanding prep-time please list them on the LTOs form below.

LTOs – https://forms.gle/HLf9rvMNfupN2MqBA

Daily OTs:

Preparation time that was taken away during days when the classroom teacher you were in for had scheduled prep time. This is your lost prep, as our Collective Agreement says “the timetable for an Occasional Teacher shall be the same as the timetable of the teacher(s) being replaced.” Please list these job numbers (using ATE) on the Daily OT form below.

Daily OTs – https://forms.gle/MySJQFBx9sFktYbt8

Please spread the word to other OTs who may have been affected this year.

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