Staffing June 2018


Staffing June 2018

Posting Assignments:

  • Contract Vacancy List 3B will be posted on ATE and GEM HR OTs conference from Mon, June 11 to Fri June 15.
  • LTO assignments will be posted on ATE and GEM HR OTs conference from Mon, June 11 to Fri June 15.
  • Activate ATE Job Alert to see the LTO assignments for Sept.
  • Members are advised to apply for all contract vacancies and all LTO assignments that they feel they can teach successfully and that are within an easy commute. Set yourself up for success.
  • OTs must apply as external applicants.

Part Time Contract & Part Time OT:

If you are both a part contract and part OT, you will apply to LTO assignments as an external applicant and Reg 274 seniority rules will be in effect. You will apply to contract jobs to increase your status as an internal applicant and there are no seniority rights.

Filling Assignments:

  1. HR will centrally place all assignments with the most senior applicant, unless there are no qualified applicants from the LTO List.
  2. When there are no LTO List qualified applicants, HR will give the P the names of the 5 most senior qualified applicants, and they will interview for the position. This will happen in many cases for Fr positions.

Exceptions to Central Placement:

For Spec Ed, ELD, Instrumental Music (Intermediate), and ISST positions, Principals will interview and select from the list of the 5 most senior qualified applicants from the LTO List. If there are no qualified applicants from the LTO List, the P will interview from any qualified OT applicants.


If you are one of the 5 most senior qualified applicants, you must be offered an interview. That offer cannot be withdrawn if you are unavailable for the time the interview is offered. If you are in an LTO and the P wants to interview in your assignment time, see if the current P will cover you internally for the time needed.  Let the interviewing P know that you are in an LTO and ask that the interview be after school or before school so the coverage need is minimized.

Staffing will Begin June 19:

  1. Full time Fr contracts or part time Fr contracts coupled with a part time LTO.
  2. Full time English contracts.
  3. Small % assignments will be left and reposted in the week of August 13-17.
  4. You will need to reapply to the same jobs if they are not filled in June.
  5. Staffing will start in the 2nd last week of August.


  • If you have an LTO assignment, you can apply to other LTO assignments, if they are an increase of 50% or more over your current assignment. ie if you are in a 60% LTO assignment, you could apply to a 90% or greater LTO. 
  • During the year, you are allowed to move once.
  • If you move before school starts, it does not count as that one move.
  • During staffing, you may be interviewed in June and accept an assignment from a P and then be offered something better by HR. You can drop the first assignment and accept the new one, only if it is a 50% increase in FTE.
  • Length of assignment or location is not a consideration to justify moving.

French Freeze:

Members, who accept a small Fr contract, will only be permitted to increase their contract status with a greater Fr contract. They cannot move to a higher % English position. They will be frozen in the Fr program for the foreseeable future.





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