Staffing for LTOs 2019-20

2019-20 LTO Staffing Rules
Peak Staffing:
1) All known vacancies will be posted in June (English and French):
      a) contract (full and part-time);
      b) full year 100% LTOs;
      c) partial LTOs.
            i) May hold on filling smaller % LTOs until August – new, larger, LTOs will be
                posted in August.
2) French assignments will be filled first.
      a) Once French LTO List is exhausted then Principals will be notified to interview a               selection of OTs that applied as per (b) below.
      b) Human Resources will short list OTs that applied and that have FSL Part 1                            qualifications and have been French Assessed with OCDSB as well as applicants with            FSL Part 1 that have not been French assessed with the Board.
3) A partial contract can be complemented with another partial contract or partial LTO if          it works from a scheduling perspective.
4) HR will consider the most senior employee on the LTO List and identify the positions          they applied to and ask them which position(s) they would prefer to be staffed in. Once        HR exhausts full-time assignments they will determine if the assignment can be                   complemented by a part-time contract or part-time LTO assignment.
5) Spec Ed assignments – Principals will interview for all spec ed assignments.
       a) Applicants will be shortlisted based on qualifications as per ETFO Contract                            collective agreement. If there are not any qualified applicants, HR will shortlist                      based  on Ministry qualifications.
      b) HR will shortlist the top 5 most senior, qualified applicants who are LTO qualified               first. Principals to interview all of the shortlisted (5) applicants.
      c) In situations where the Spec Ed assignment is 20% or less, HR in consultation with           the Principal, may opt to place the most senior qualified applicant.
      d) If an occasional employee completed a spec ed assignment in the previous school                year and then is in the top 5 for the same assignment at that school the next school                year, the principal is not required to interview, rather they can select that applicant.
      e) Spec Ed interviews may take place before the placement process or concurrent with            the placement process done by Human Resources. If an employee selects a spec ed
        assignment then they cannot accept an English assignment unless it’s 50% or higher.
6) If an employee vacates a position during the peak staffing period, HR will not repost.            HR will consider the applicants from the original posting. The second most senior                applicant will be considered if prior to the start of the school year and if they are in less        than a 100% assignment. If the position has already started, apply the percentage rule          as outlined below in #2 (Rules for Moving). If the school year has commenced, HR                may  need to repost to avoid disruption.
7) Principals will interview for Instrumental Music and ELD/ELL

Rules for Moving to a New LTO?
1. An OT can move to another assignment in June-August regardless of FTE and this will count as their one move. (agreed to on a trial basis for 2019-20)
2. Once a long-term occasional teaching assignment begins, the occasional teacher can only move once in a school year to another long-term occasional teaching assignment if that assignment represents an increase of at least 50% to the percentage employed (but not duration of assignment). For example, if an occasional teacher is assigned to a 50% long-term occasional teaching assignment the occasional teacher can only move to an assignment that is 75% or greater.
3. If an employee is in more than one LTO assignment, their FTE for movement is considered based on the combined FTE. ie. 50% LTO at one location and 25% LTO in another location – this employee is considered a 75% employee.

● If a vacancy is known to be 20 school days or more HR will post the position.
● In cases where an OT has been in a daily assignment and it becomes an LTO and the
assignment is later confirmed to be significant in duration and the current OT has been in the assignment longer than the estimated remaining assignment, the Board will discuss with the Union on 1-1 basis.
● As per Reg 274 if an OT on the LTO list starts an assignment that later turns into an LTO you do not need to post if they are qualified. Where possible the daily OT should be properly assigned through the call-out system.

General Information…
Where possible, for part time assignments hours/days of work will be posted.
Where possible, interviews will be scheduled after school hours.
● September – December is not recognized as a four month period for the purposes of a
performance appraisal.
● The above staffing processes will be outlined in the body of LTO postings.

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