Policies & Procedures Every OT Should Know

Every OT (including LTOs) needs to be aware of the following OCDSB Policies & Procedures. If you find yourself in a disciplinary meeting with a P or HR, “I didn’t know about the P&P” will not be a good defense. It is your responsibility as an employee to be aware of all relevant P&Ps.

  1. Harassment policies and procedures

  1. Reporting suspected child abuse policy and procedure

  1. Protocol for Creating Safe and Healthy Schools for Anaphylactic Students:

  1. Protocol for Creating Safe and Healthy Schools for Students Living with Diabetes

  1. Protocol for providing medical care for students in life-threatening emergencies:

  1. An instructional session to familiarize school staff with the use of Epi-Pen auto injector has been arranged

  1. Ministry of Education’s Prevalent Medical Conditions portal on EduGAINS 

  • Concussion management policy and procedure:

  1. Field Trips & Excursions and Educational Tours/Student Exchange procedures

  1. Appropriate Use of Technology and Electronic Communications Systems 

  1. Bomb threat procedure

  1. Corporate Code of Conduct for Business Relationships

  1. School Board Code of Conduct

  1. School Security Practices (e.g. buzzer system, security cameras, entrance/exit, bus loading, street proofing)

  • Workplace Violence Reporting Process (in the Staff Portal)

  1. Communications Devices

  • Review how to locate and use communication devices for summoning assistance in emergency situations

  1. Suspension policies and procedures

  1. Safe Schools policies and procedures

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