OCDSB Health and Safety Reporting Forms

All OCEOTA members need to be aware of their responsibility to report to the employer (OCDSB) and the union (OCEOTA) any issues which arise regarding Violence/Safety in the Workplace and Student Safety concerns. Employee violence issues are ensconced in what was Bill 168 now Section 32 of the Ontario Health & Safety Act (OHSA).

In order to ensure that there are no concerns/restrictions in regard to reporting, the attached forms are in .doc and can be completed online. The report(s) are then forwarded to the Principal and your Union. Required responses MUST be sent to you. See individual forms for details.

The OCDSB Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC) has approved four (4) forms for reporting concerns/incidents.

Summary of HS Forms Poster 11Sept2018

Safe Schools Incident Reporting Part I 2019

Accident Form 140 Fillable Accident Form #140

This form must be used to report any accident which you may incur at work. Follow the directions on the form and send copies to the designated people.

NOTE: All OTs, daily and LTO, must fill out the hard copy NOT the eform.

Occupational Health and Safety Concern Form current version

Complete the Occupational Health and Safety Concern Form to report a potential or existing hazard which you believe presents a risk to the health or safety of individuals in your workplace. This includes violent behaviours by students. Submit the form to the principal and keep a copy for your records. The principal will complete Section 2 and return the form to you. Once Section 2 is completed, or 7 working days has passed, indicate if the concern is resolved or not and forward to the OCEOTA office (fax 613-221-9137). Unresolved concerns will be presented for discussion at the next Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee meeting.

If you have any concerns about indoor air quality:

1.) Complete the Occupational Health and Safety Concern Form (attached above).

2.) Complete the Indoor Environmental Quality Pre-Assessment Form (IEQ Pre-Assessment Form).

3.) Attach the IEQ Pre-Assessment to the Health and Safety Concern Form. Hand in both forms to your principal and keep a copy for your records.


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