PEL (paid Personal Emergency Leave)  The Ford government has rescinded the changes to the ESA and, effective Dec 31, 2018, PEL will no longer be available to OTs.

To apply for PEL, email andrea.adams@ocdsb.ca and barry.scott@ocdsb.ca. State your name, EIN, school, assignment number, and date of the job for which you are applying for the PEL.  

The paid Personal Emergency Leave entitlement under the Employment Standards Act (ESA) applies to daily OTs who have been employed at least 1 week with their school board and currently do not have access to paid leave. Daily OTs are entitled to up to 2 days of paid Personal Emergency Leave days per calendar year due to: 1. personal illness or 2. death, illness, injury, medical emergency or urgent matter relating to family members as defined in the ESA. PEL can be applied when a previously scheduled/booked assignment needs to be cancelled due to an emergency.

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