Q&A from 2017 Fall GM

Q & A from Fall General Meeting 2017

  1. Since the Collective Agreement is being extended (the Extension Agreement), I am seeking clarification on the following: (a) First Duty L 26.01: Does it have to be on the assignment notes? What if there is no note?

There is a flag on the absence that is supposed to be checked for First Duty. OTs in the OCDSB must do first duty. We will need to bargain no first duty  in the next round of negotiations.

                 (b) Keys: I have attended OCEOTA meetings over the past few years. I was under                         the impression we had “the right” to keys but the Collective Agreement says                             “reasonable access”. Can you clarify?

You are correct that in the Local Agreement it is under Reasonable Access in Article L29.01 (b). However, in the Central Agreement, Letter of Agreement #3, states:

School boards will achieve the compliance level regarding Occasional Teacher ability to lock and unlock the classroom door as set out in the Provincial Model for a Local Police/School Board Protocol (2015) by December 31, 2015.

ETFO may raise the failure to comply with the Central Labour Relations Committee.

The Central Agreement supersedes the Local Agreement. Please call the local office, 613-221-9135, or email Pat Dixon if you do not receive keys or an up to date handbook.

  1. I am receiving calls from EasyConnect for French jobs. I am an English teacher and I do not have any French preferences selected on my Apply to Education account. At least half of my calls this year have been for French jobs. I understand I cannot take these jobs because I am not fluent in French. I am losing out on jobs! Why does this keep happening?

This will continue to happen. If there are no qualified French OTs on that school’s call out list, the call system then moves to English qualified – a warm body. You can accept if you have a working knowledge of French. If the plans are in French, ask the P if they can be translated this time and be left in English for the next time.

We would have to negotiate language in the Collective Agreement to completely stop French calls from going to non-French speaking OTs.

  1. If you have completed a 4 month LTO and are eligible for Permanent, what is the next step?

Continue to apply for LTO assignments and contract positions as they are posted.

When you apply for contract/permanent for regular English, not Spec Ed, do you get placed like LTOs or do you have to do an interview?

You will be placed centrally if you are the most senior qualified LTO List applicant eligible for permanent positions.



  1. If you are pregnant and know your availability has a time limit, do you still have the right to apply for LTOs that have a June 2018 end date?

Yes. The Board will approve your leave and you will get the 8 week SEB top up to maternity EI as long as you do not terminate the LTO. If the teacher returns early, the top up would end.

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