LTO Salary Grid

2017-19 Salary Grid  2017-2019 Salary Schedule

The salary grid is based on 2017-19 school years, the latest grid negotiated between OC ETFO and OPSBA. LTO salaries are the same amount as contract teacher salaries but are calculated in a different manner.

On your pay stub, the salary will appear different than the total on the grid. However, when vacation and holiday pay are added, the total is exactly the same. Vacation and holiday pay are calculated as an annual percentage and 1/194 is added to your daily LTO rate.

Remember, LTOs are paid a daily rate of 1/194th of their salary. LTOs do not have their pay projected over a 12 month period as do contract teachers. When you are in an LTO in a work reduced pay period, ie  Oct 13-26, 2019, you will be paid 1/194th times the number of days worked [1/194th X 9; the 14th is Thanksgiving – no pay]. You receive your pay every 2 weeks but 2 weeks in arrears. Therefore, for the pay period September 1 – 14, you will receive your pay on September 27.


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