Summer Academy Registration Open

ETFO’s Summer Academy 2020 is here and registration is now open – Courses will fill up very quickly!

Even though members cannot meet together to learn throughout the summer, they can still participate in Summer Academy 2020 online. To be responsive to social distancing protocols, Summer Academy 2020 will take place through virtual sessions. Participants can join from anywhere with their computer and participate in two daily sessions throughout their three-day course.

This year the program includes 28 practical courses facilitated by dynamic presenters. All courses are structured to meet the personal professional needs of your members. A wide range of courses are available including literacy, mathematics, kindergarten, technology, culturally relevant and responsive pedagogy, well-being and a variety of other learning areas. This year there is a specific course to support occasional teacher members.

Members will need a desktop computer/laptop/tablet and access to Wi-Fi to participate in the courses. The device used throughout the course will require a camera, microphone and steady internet connection to ensure full participation in the virtual sessions. Participants will have the ability to turn their video off, should they choose, to reduce bandwidth use if necessary.

We look forward to a different but nevertheless engaging and inspiring summer of professional learning with our members this July and August.

Please share information about ETFO’s online Summer Academy 2020 with your members and encourage them to check out our  Summer Academy 2020  website.

Thank you for your support.

Ruth Dawson, Jane Bennett, Kalpana Makan and Lisa West


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