CLOSED! Registration for Voting for Executive & Candidates’ Bios

Executive Elections Voting Registration

Electronic voting for the Executive for 2020-21 will take place on Wednesday, June 3.  All members must register to vote. Registration closes on Friday, May 29.


Time: 4:00 pm

Where: your electronic device



            Acclaimed candidates speeches

            Guidelines for Voting

            Speeches by 2nd Vice-President candidates 

            Election of 2nd Vice-President

            Speeches by candidates for Member-at-Large

            Election of 5 Members-at-Large



2ndVice-President: Jamieson Dyer  Jamieson Dyer Bio 20-21

                                       Sally Rogers   Sally Rogers Bio 2020-21

Member-at-Large (5):  

  Maryse Extross  Maryse Extross Bio 2020-21

 WITHDRAWN Cory Huybregts   Cory Huybregts Bio 2020-21

  Jessica Kennett-Whitworth  Jessica Kennett-Whitworth Bio 2020-21

  WITHDRAWN Lee Mason Brown   Lee Mason Brown Bio 2020-21

  Krissy Mayer-Craigie  Krissy Mayer-Craigie Bio 2020-21



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