UPDATE: Shut Down Pay Concerns Contact


If you have not been able to have your shut down pay concerns addressed yet, please send a detailed report of your issue to: lr.inquiries@ocdsb.ca

Include: full name & EIN; school; dates; hours worked; pay stub infomation if appropriate.

If your LTO ended before the March Break, we are still in discussions with HR about shut down pay.

If you are a continuing DOT or LTO, you should be getting regular pay.

The OCDSB has provided an explanation of the dates on your shut down pay stub and how it affects your application for EI and CERB.

The payments were spread over a 2 week period, not a 3 week period.  RE the March Break.  

In order to make the payment go all on one pay, we had to utilize March break to spread the hours on.  We were originally going to pay the Covid payment as a lump sum payment using recurring payments.  After receiving direction from Service Canada and TPP we learned that the payments were EI insurable and pensionable for TPP purposes.  This meant that we had to do this via timesheet insert instead of one recurring payment.  

If we didn’t do it that way, it meant manually adjusting EI history and service credits.  Not really realistic from a workload perspective.  

The period of the outlined Covid payment was to cover the two weeks following March break – March 23 to April 3.  On the Academic side, those two weeks spanned two pay periods…..April 9th and 24th.  It was communicated that Academic staff would be paid on April 9th, so we had to improvise.  We had no choice but to use the period of March 16-27, so this is the period that employees will see on their timesheet history.  

Service Canada is aware that we had to make that decision.  When we issue ROEs to cover the Covid payment, we will be adjusting the dates to what they should have been i.e. March 23 to April 3.  Employees can rest assured that this will be correct on Service Canada’s end.  

Links to ETFO’s CERB vs EI Information: This link also has its own link to frequently asked questions near the top of the page.



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