OCT & You

The OCT has control over your ability to work in a publicly funded board of education. You must pay your dues every year on January 1. The OCT grants permission to defer the dues payment until April 15. This year, because of Covid 19, the dues, $170.00, have been  deferred until August and the normal reinstatement fee, $130.00, has been waived.

Your dues may have been paid by the OCDSB. If you were in an LTO, check your pay stubs for the first 2 pays in January. Two payments of $85 each were made. If only 1 payment was made, you are responsible for the remainder.

Part of the OCT mandate is as follows: To regulate the profession of teaching and to govern its members. 

In that capacity, if the OCT receives a complaint about you, regardless of the source, they have to investigate. Our advice if you are contacted by the OCT is the same as with a school board complaint. Advise the OCT that you will talk to them AFTER YOU HAVE RECEIVED FEDERATION REPRESENTATION. Then call David Wildman at 613-292-6007 or ETFO at 1-888-838-3836 and ask for PRS.



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