ETFO Town Hall Meeting April 22, 2020

You should have received an email from ETFO on Monday, April 6 around 10:00 am. If you did not, please contact to provide your full name, phone number, non-board email address, ETFO ID#, street address and local. OTs (Daily, DOTs & LTOs) belong to OCEOTA.

There will be an ETFO Town Hall Meeting for all Ottawa Carleton and Greater Essex ETFO  members at 3:45 pm on Wednesday, April 22.

In the email, general information, as noted below, the provincial schedule, agreement highlights, and the full agreement are all included.

It is imperative that every OT read the documents and attend the Town Hall. If you have a question, prepare before the meeting and call your question in as soon as possible to ensure you get a response. Your OCEOTA Executive met on April 9th and among the issues discussed were:

  1. Regulation 274: Staffing & Hiring
    1. Why is the regulation not in this agreement?
    2. Do boards have to respect the regulation if it is not in our agreement?
    3. Will we lose our seniority rights if the government rescinds the regulation?
  2. Pay
    1. Why were pay discrepancies across boards for OTs (daily rate) not addressed? 
    2. We did not address the gap in the Extension Agreement and it was mad even worse with this tentative agreement. When will it be addressed?
    3. Will OTs be paid for the 0.5 day of H&S training? 
  3. Addressing Violence
    1. Why was violence regarding OTs not addressed? It appears we are just collecting more data and NOT addressing the issue.
    2. Does the government not recognize that violence is an issue?
    3. What did ETFO propose?
    4. How will the additional funding address violence? Will teacher and OT locals be involved in the utilization of staff?

4. Job Action vs Bargaining Gains: OCEOTA Exec was concerned          that OTs had lost work during the WTR, lost work on the picket        lines and there are no gains for OTs in this agreement.

                          Moving Forward

    1. What is ETFO’s plan for the next year and subsequent years for CB?
    2. What is ETFO’s plan to improve potential strike action in three years?
    3. What is the timeline for court case against the 1% public service wage gap?
    4. Did ETFO have a prevention status quo bargaining strategy or a strategy to get gains? 

General Information:

  • All town hall meetings are up to 90 minutes in length.
  • Members must participate in their local town hall (i.e., members cannot change the date and time they will be called for their town hall meeting).
  • Members can participate in their meeting by phone or through the online (on their laptops, mobile devices, etc.) audio live stream.
  • Members will receive a telephone call inviting them to participate in their town hall meeting about 10-20 minutes before the start of the meeting.
  • For members who do not pick up the initial call: a voicemail message will be left with call-in information (telephone number and PIN) and the URL that can be used to access the audio live stream. Members can call into the town hall meeting while it is in progress.
  • Given the intermittent strains on telephone systems caused by the pandemic, we encourage members to participate in the town hall meeting on their land line telephones if they become disconnected from their telephone town hall meeting.

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