NEW! ETFO Updates re Bargaining

March 21, 2020

Tentative Agreement:

As you know, ETFO has reached a tentative central agreement with the government and OPSBA. At this point, none of us has seen the terms of that tentative agreement. While this news is seen as a relief by many members, please don’t view this as anything but a “tentative“ agreement. It is something for us to review and question.

Terms-What’s In It?

LOCAL presidents and chief negotiators will review the terms of that agreement in an ETFO telephone Town Hall on Wed, Mar 25. We will go over it in detail to see how it addresses teacher and occasional teacher bargaining goals and how the government’s proposed cuts have been addressed.  I want to see that the sacrifices OCEOTA members made to support the strike action were not in vain. I trust there are improvements or ETFO would not be bringing this to us.

Central Ratification:

Every ETFO member will vote on line. This is our normal procedure. You will have to decide, if you will accept or reject the government’s offer. This is a serious decision and should not be made lightly.


Information to Members:

After the Town Hall on Wed you will get information on the terms of the tentative agreement and information about voting procedures, in an ETFO E-newsletter. We would normally have an Every Member Information Meeting before voting begins. Members will have questions and will want to fully understand the impact of any changes to our current Central Agreement. The coronavirus will prevent us from having a General Meeting. We will let you know how you will have an opportunity to hear from OCEOTA.

Strike Action:

Strike Action Work to Rule has been suspended. However it won’t be business as usual until after the schools reopen. As always, you cannot be expected to be on your email 24/7. Check your email periodically throughout the normal school day. 

Local Bargaining:

Please note that local bargaining remains on hold until we know more about the current health crisis and the shutdown of schools. Our first bargaining session was scheduled for March 26. It was postponed indefinitely when the shutdown was ordered.


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