OCEOTA Member Mailings

OCEOTA members need to stay informed about ETFO business, OCEOTA issues, and OCDSB changes to systems. In order to do that, every member should have provided their non-board email address to OCEOTA shortly after they were hired. Sadly, this is not always the case.

If you were caught unaware by the current Work to Rule, it is probably because you haven’t sent in your email address to vpres@oceota.com. Please do so immediately.

If you are sure that you have sent in your email address already, but you are still not getting the emails, please do the following.

           1. Add oceotapres@gmail.com  to your list of contacts.

           2. Check your spam/junk folders.

           3. Check your firewall settings.

It is important to the OCEOTA leadership that we are able to contact each member and keep them informed of the important matters with their Union.

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