CANCELLED! Political Rally: Tues, Dec 10, 5:00 p.m.


Political Rally: Tues, Dec 10, 5:00 p.m.

It is very important to the success of our job action that every member attend this Political Rally. The media will be covering this event.

Mr. Ford will be in Ottawa. We must let him know that parents and educators are not going to back down. We cannot accept his cuts to education or his interference in the bargaining process. It is in his best interests to abandon his attack on student learning conditions and our working conditions, if he wants labour peace. A small turn out will send the opposite message and will likely mean we will have to escalate the job action.   

OTs will suffer great losses if Mr. Ford goes ahead with his plans. Many teaching positions will be lost and working conditions for those remaining will be intolerable.

Details: Ford Dec 10th


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