Constitutional Amendments at the Oct 23 Fall GM


Constitutional Amendments for the OCEOTA Fall 2019 GM

Words highlighted in red indicate amendments to the Constitution.

  1. Article III – Membership Carried @ Sept Exec
    • 1 An Occasional Teacher is a member in good standing of OCEOTA provided they are:

    (a)        a member in good standing of the Ontario College of Teachers; and

    (b)        actively employed by the OCDSB as an Occasional Teacher; and

    (c)        a member in good standing with ETFO.

  2. By-Law II 2.2 The President shall: 
  • (s) appoints members to Standing Committees.

            3. By-Law III – Committees   Motion to Revise                                               

               Change 3.1 by the addition of:

  • Submit a report of the committee’s activities to the AGM. 

                 Amend by addition to: By-Law III ii

                   (g) The Awards Committee shall:

                   (i) be composed of an Executive member and at least one (1) non-                             executive member;

                   (ii) assist in the presentation of the five (5) and ten (10) year pins at                         the Fall GM;

                   (iii) make recommendations to Executive about members who  are                         deserving of the Outstanding Service to Members’ Award and                                assist  in presentations at the AGM.

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