Results of the OCEOTA AGM May 22, 2019


May 22, 2019

The meeting held on May 22 was exciting.

Our Provincial Executive Liaison, Nathan Core, attended and brought greetings specifically for OTs.

Business items included:

  • the election of the Executive for next year. We ended up needing 4 ballots for the position of 2nd Vice-President – a real cliff hanger.

  • the election of our delegates/alternates to the ETFO Annual Meeting.

  • changes to the Constitution were approved.

  • David Wildman updated the membership on issues of importance to OTs.

  • the interim budget for 2019-20 was passed.

  • the Preliminary Submission for Collective Bargaining was approved by 97.6%.

  • The OCEOTA Levy was reduced by 0.05% to 0.45%.

Unapproved Minutes of the May 22, 2019 AGM: OCEOTA AGM 2019

The 4 winners of $100 each were:

David Ho

Karen Reyburn

Karen Cluley

Sara-Lynn Hutchinson

Special thanks to:

Face Wallace – Parliamentarian

                          Joan Hill-Keast, Cindy Vanderheyden – registration

                          Ruth Lee – Chief Returning Officer

                          Elizabeth Alexander-Cook, Mark Rajack, Karen Reyburn – scrutineers

Your new Executive for 2019-20 is:

                                       President:                      David Wildman

                                      1st Vice-President:         Pat Dixon

                                      2nd Vice-President:       Cory Huybregts

                                      Members-at-Large:      Maryse Extross

                                                                           Jessica Kennett-Whitworth

                                                                           Danika King

                                                                           Lee Mason Brown

                                                                          Krissy Mayer-Craigie

Your ETFO AM Delegation Team is:

  • David Wildman (D)                     Danika King (A)

  • Pat Dixon (D)                                 Sally Rogers (A)

  • Kimberley Bernier (D)               William Stanton(A)

  • Cory Huybregts (D)                      Erin Wicker (A)

  • Jessica Kennett-Whitworth (D)

  • Lee Mason Brown (D)

  • Krissy Mayer-Craigie (D)

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