Cuts Hurt Kids

Cuts Hurt Kids

Ontario has one of the best public education systems in the world,
ensuring high-quality education for every student regardless of where
they live.

The Conservative government is proposing cuts that will be damaging to
all students and will particularly hurt students with special needs.

Our public education system is in critical need of public investment,
funding and care.

The government has proposed to:

  • Increase class size in grades 4-8 and in high school.
  • Download its obligation to support children with autism onto public
    schools without adequate funding.
  • Significantly reduce the number of teachers and support staff in
    schools across the province.

They are also considering changing the existing model of Full-Day
Kindergarten, which currently includes a teacher and a DECE.

Contact your MPP today. Send a message.
Don’t make children pay for government cuts!

Join us and defend public education, visit

Educators stand with parents and other
community members to defend high-quality
public education and the optimal learning
conditions that all students need and

Our message is simple:

Our public education system needs
investment not cuts.

Here are three ways you can help:

1. Sign-up at
Join us to defend high-quality public education.

2. Contact your MPP to express your views.
Every voice counts and makes a difference!

3. Attend the RALLY for Education.

Saturday, April 6
Queen’s Park, Toronto
Starting at 12 p.m.

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