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OCEOTA Town Halls

All Members Welcome

A Well Informed Membership Creates a Strong Union to Effect Positive Outcomes for Student Learning Conditions and Occasional Teacher Working Conditions.

 Why Town Halls?

                  Get accurate information from your                                            Union/Federation                              

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Provide OCEOTA with your input; share ideas with fellow OTs


History of Your Union

  • Positive Impact on all Workers in Ontario
  • Previous Bargaining Gains
  • Previous Political Action

Collective Bargaining Process

  • Bargaining process & timelines for next year
  • OCEOTA Bargaining Priorities
  • Provide your input about your bargaining priorities
  • Ask questions and raise concerns or wishes

Political Action

  •  Are Cuts to Education Necessary?
  •  Learn about the Gov’t Cuts to Funding
  • The impact on Students & OTs
  • How ETFO has Responded
  • Provide Suggestions for ETFO Political Action

Other Member Issues

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