Defending Public Education


  I hope every OCEOTA member will take up the challenge. I encourage you to engage in some or all of these activities:

Wear the ETFO Button:

It will be a conversation starter where you can point out the impact of the announced cuts to funding on children, their safety, enthusiasm for learning and their learning outcomes. Everyone has children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews in school or about to start school and want the best for them. They will support us, if they hear the real impact on children, instead of only hearing the government spin.

Wear Red on Fridays:

Show your solidarity with the rest of the staff. Even if you voted Tory, and have a Tory MPP, they need your help in understanding that Ford’s plan has many flaws and paying down a deficit is something that can be achieved without cutting education or for that matter health services for Ontarians. We need more leadership from our MPPs and they need accurate information.

No Cuts to Education Rally:  

Attend the rally at the Walter Baker Centre in Barrhaven at 4:30 this Friday and show solidarity with other organizations helping us in this important struggle.

ETFO in School Information Meetings:

Information meetings will be held over the next two weeks in schools. These are not teacher local meetings. They are every ETFO member meetings and all teachers, LTOs and daily OTs are welcome. If you are not working in a school on the day there is a meeting, you can attend a meeting. We will post info on meeting dates, times and schools, when we receive that information. Listen for PA announcements about these meetings or ask the  teachers in schools where you are teaching, when the meeting is going to take place. 

Social Media:

Join Twitter ETFO_OCEOTA and/or the OCEOTA ( all caps) Closed Facebook group to see OCEOTA postings and to ask questions or comment. We need you to be informed and want to know your concerns.

Spread the Word:

It may not be possible for you to engage in all of these activities but I appreciate you doing what you can. We are not in bargaining, at this point. We are simply getting the message out in as many ways as possible to our members, to the public, to trustees and to MPPs in all political parties.

Together, we can do this!

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