Gov’t Consultations on Ontario’s Education Sysytem

Below is a letter from Sam Hammond, our ETFO President, regarding the Ontario government’s consultations on the education system. Please read and consider how you can support our public education system.

October 12, 2018

Dear Members,

The government consultations on Ontario’s education system are now underway and very shortly, the online survey and telephone town halls will be rolled out. These consultations will have a significant impact not only on our students and our classrooms but also on you as an educator.

Your voice as an educator in this province is vital to this consultation process. Please ensure that you participate.

The consultations so far have ignored the very real need for adequate funding and school repairs, among other key issues. For this reason, they are an important opportunity for you as an educator, a voter, a resident and even as a parent in Ontario to put forward thoughts on how to make further improvements. Keep in mind, however, that Ontario’s public education system is known internationally for working exceptionally well and that the government has a political agenda with this process.

ETFO has prepared some information about each of the areas the government is consulting on, which is posted at

Right now, the consultations are open for written submissions and the government has created a webpage with information for the public. This page tells you what areas have been opened for consultation. ETFO will keep you updated on the consultation and online submissions, along with upcoming town halls through

This is a public consultation and your voice matters. Your participation is key to representing the views of educators, but it is equally important to encourage friends, family members and parents who can also make a difference. Please share these resources and information with others.

Let’s make sure the government hears from those who are dedicated to maintaining and growing Ontario’s public education system.

Make a submission and Share it with Us

Email your recommendations to:, please include [] in the cc field to keep us informed of your views. Alternatively, you can fill out an online form

Keep an eye on your email and the coming weeks. We will continue to share developments and further opportunities to make your voice heard. 




Sam Hammond,

President, Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario

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