URGENT! New Members

The Ottawa Carleton Elementary Occasional Teachers’ Association, OCEOTA, welcomes all new members to the 2017-2018 school year!

Please take a moment to do the following things to ensure that you have a successful introduction to the year.

  1. Sign up for Members Only on the OCEOTA website, www.oceota.com. You will then be able to receive updates from our President, David Wildman, as well as stay informed of current issues and events. Please email pat.dixon@ocdsb.ca if you have difficulties.
  2. Please register with ETFO (the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario) at www.etfo.ca –> Member records.
  3. Complete your ATE (Apply to Education) preferences section to ensure that you receive calls.
  4. Check the OCEOTA Conference and the HR Elementary Occasional Teachers’ Conference on GEM regularly.

Have a great year!

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