Sudden Death of an OT Colleague: Daniel Lamoureux

Daniel Lamoureux

Danny’s Aunt Terry writes:

A month away from his wedding, Danny died suddenly from choking on his food while home alone. He managed to reach the neighbours for help, but it wasn’t enough to save his life.
He was a selfless man.  With the support from his wife-to-be, he volunteered much of his time with youth organizations, such as the Blue Saints Drum Corps, and countless other music programs that stretched into the US through DCI – Drum Corp Internationals. He was between jobs as an occasional music teacher, and was eager to land a full-time post soon. 
Schools he worked at across Southern Ontario and Ottawa we lucky to have his leadership in developing music programs for youth – connecting funds and resources that helped fund the educational music programs.  Many have expressed their condolences and performed tributes in the schools in his honour this past week. My nephew left a mark on everyone he met and was a remarkable music educator who left a lasting impression. A group called 416 Beats, who perform for the Toronto Argonauts dedicated one of their performances to him shortly after hearing of his untimely death. 
During his recent career transition, he had not had the opportunity to register for  Accidental Death Benefits, which leaves his wife-to-be of 10 years with very little. 
Despite being highly regarded for his volunteerism and his skills as a musician, a percussionist and an educator, he and his wife-to-be were not wealthy. They lived a very modest, and beautiful life together in their small apartment with their cat (Isaac), and all their funds were put toward their wedding expecting they would catch up later.

Renee, the light of his life, enjoyed helping Danny pursue his dreams, and often worked alongside him, using her skills as a graphic designer. My nephew didn’t deserve to die the way he did, and his spouse certainly deserves more.  There’s nothing we can do about Danny’s passing, but we can pull together and help Renee rebuild her life, pursue her dreams and keep his alive.

As his family, we’re pooling our resources to put on his memorial and services. The money raised here is for Renee to rebuild herself.  Danny wanted to look after her and would want us to continue that.

Below is the information with regard to helping out Renee after Danny’s passing.

Interac eTransfers are working again.  For those still interested in contributing money to Renee. eTransfer to: – 100% of donation to Renee.

Alternatively, we’ve set up a gofundme page at the link below. They charge 8% of donations, but it may be a lot more convenient for some.

Addendum: Today we learned that Danny saved the lives of 5 people through his heart, liver, pancreas , kidney and corneas organ donations. They are also harvesting skin tissues, and spinal tissue for research. What a super hero!!! His beautiful life will be carried on through others 🙂



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