Calculating OT Daily Pay

The daily OT rate for 2021-22  is $227.03 when the base rate and the holiday pay are added together. This will be increased and retroactively adjusted once a tentative agreement is reached.

Required information:

  1. The exact instructional time for the school which can be found on the school’s website.
  2. The exact times of the assignment as noted in your confirmation email.


  1. Calculate your time in minutes based on the above items. Include prep time. Do not include duty, nutrition breaks, recess, lunch. If your assignment starts AFTER the first period or ends BEFORE the last period, check to make sure those were not prep periods. If they were, that period MUST be included in calculating the length of the assignment. If those periods were not prep periods you will not be paid for them if the teacher was present in the classroom.
  2. Divide the minutes by 300. 157 minutes worked/300 = 0.52 or 52%. Some schools have been recording this as a 50% assignment. OTs are paid by the day and the minute.
  3. Check the percentage the night before or BEFORE leaving the school and  confirm that you will be paid the correct amount.

Recourse if Incorrect:

  1. Politely notify the VP or P of the error. The P or VP may then direct you to the OA although it is preferable for them to notify the OA if required.
  2. Check your pay stub the Tuesday or Wednesday of the pay week to confirm that the assignment percentage was corrected.
  3. If the error was not corrected or if the P/VP did not agree with your calculation and refused to correct the error, contact
  4. Calculations which are incorrect cannot be remedied for the current pay but will be on the next pay. If the information is not corrected before the initial Friday pay date at 11:00 am, the pay will not be adjusted for 2 pay dates (4 weeks).