OT Absences related to COVID

Note that any OT with days booked in advance can inform the Principal and otlistelementary@ocdsb.ca that the reason for cancellation is COVID related and receive paid Infectious Disease Emergency Leave for up to 3 days or the future days booked READ More here…

DOTs are entitled to three sick leave days total (calendar days) due to COVID related illnesses through the paid Infectious Disease Emergency Leave (Currently set to expire on July 31, 2022). If a DOT requests an IDEL Absence, by contacting principal and otlistelementary@ocdsb.ca, the Principal can indicate “COVID-IDEL” in the Additional Information section of the DOT Absence form. HR will make the necessary adjustments to the DOTs timesheet.

For Federal supports for COVID related lost wages READ More here…

Below is the OCDSB pdf on Employee Absences

Jan 12,, 2022 Guidance for Coding Absences Related to COVID-19_20220111

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